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SEAL Team Six Never Surrender  by  Moorise King

SEAL Team Six Never Surrender by Moorise King
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The USA is under threat from economic terrorists, planning to take over the world via oil and boundless wealth. Only a young, inexperienced team of SEALs can stop them from succeeding in their evil objectives.The non-serious Alan, the too-serious Lee and the planning master Dwight take on an entire terrorist organization to save their motherland. Endless scheming, hurried preparations and lots of adrenaline compels them forward towards their goal, but can they reach it when there’s treachery in the air?----“An Eagle is the best predator of the skies. It is rightly said to be the ruler of heavens.

When it spots a prey with its lethal eyesight and swoops upon it with wings spanned up to 7 feet, there is rarely any creature that stands a chance of surviving.Panthers are a prefect combination of strength and agility. With sprinting speeds reaching 50 miles per hour, no animal can escape this natural killer once it has decided to go after it.A Shark, having razor-sharp teeth and a perfectly streamlined body is the king of water.Now imagine all the traits of these predators combined into one being with the intelligence and shrewd thinking of a man.

That’s what a U.S SEAL is all about. That’s what you are here to be trained for gentlemen. “Instructor Dean Rice’s first introduction to his fresh batch of SEAL trainees was going pretty well until now.

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